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Post  eldritchGrifter on Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:23 am

Just opening up this thread.


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Character Profiles go Here! Empty Shylle Anatid

Post  resilientDuckling on Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:30 pm

(Just copied what I've got from his tumblr. :3)
Shylle Anatid (pic)

  • Name: Shylle Anatid
  • Age: 6.46 Sweeps
    Derse dreamer
  • Lusus: Overprotective Quackbeast
  • trolltag: resilientDuckling
  • Strife specibus: Clapperkind / bubblewandkind
    ((Clapperkind is used more often, one of those clapper toys with the hands that clap together when you shake it))
  • Fetch Modus: DUCK (Each captchalogued item turns into a duck which is released when he wants to use the item, and then he has to catch it. The more important the item is, the faster the duck runs. Shylle is always talking about changing it, but he hasn’t so far.)

Friendly and cheerful, the cheerful more being a childlike cheerfulness, where he’s happy one moment for simple reasons but could easily switch to being grumpy or sad the next. He enjoys doing ridiculous things for the sake of being silly, though gathering attention and having fun are also a part of it. Even now he still plays Neobeasts, and he enjoys playing with toys and sound gadgets which have led to being his hobby as the top thing that stops him from being bored or lonely.
Major peter pan syndrome, he’s terrified of growing up and dealing with the future, and is trying to stop things from changing and won’t admit he’s failing. He takes things too seriously, and he likes to think he’s very outgoing but he’s always worrying on making the wrong move and has never gone past the lake by his hive.
While keeping up his cheerful front, he’s often suspicious of others and their intentions. Why would someone put up with him just because they liked him? They’d likely just ditch him or betray him once a better opportunity passed their way.

  • Quirk: starts sentences with O< a duck face, occasionally interjects with a QUACK or squeak and uses a lot of exclamation marks!!!
  • outfit: Shylle wears a black t-shirt, a grey pair of shorts and a pair of yellow rubber boots
    Title: Prince of Time
    Pauses time and takes his anger out on enemies, and when he un-pauses all of the damage adds up
    Erases moments, such as when the enemy was created. (Effective, but no grist)
  • Power:
    Being a lowblood, Shylle has the ability to manipulate memories by making eye contact. Except he hasn’t learned how to control this power yet, because he’s accidentally mind-wiped himself on more than one occasion. Now this doesn’t mean that every time he makes eye contact with a troll they lose their memory, this is more a fail safe that kicks in when Shylle is in danger or confronted by a larger troll he has no chance of beating.
    Shylle actually has no idea that he has this ability.
  • Hive: Shylle’s hive is located in the middle of a mostly empty marsh, with a medium sized lake just a short walk away from his hive.
    When he was young, his lusus used to take him out to the lake and teach him how to swim.

  • Ancestor: Timeloom, someone who took his ability to manipulate other troll’s memories and used it to the fullest.
    He used it whenever possible to make things turn out nicely for himself, gathering wealth and power. Whoever came across him either feared him or liked him, and had no idea why.
    Realizing how important memory was he wrote several memoirs and hid them in case he ever forgot himself.
    He ended up pissing off the wrong highblood who came to cull him
    But in his last moments he wiped his own mind to escape execution
    and when the highblood arrived they found someone with no clue of who he was or what he had done
    When told of the actions he had made and the reason the highblood had come to kill him, the mind-wiped Timeloom put the pieces together
    and died with a smug grin on his face.
    After his death, Timeloom became known as The Amnesiac
    Shylle has no idea who his ancestor is, nor can he think of a reason of why he should care.
    (But he might come across those memoirs at some point)

  • Headcanons: Shylle loves his fair share of shows meant for little trolls, but he surprisingly also really likes gory horror movies on
    on his shelf he’d have the troll equivalent of Saw right next to Blues Clues
    Often talks about his lusus in an annoyed voice due to the constant quacking and honking whenever there’s a noise
    (Lusus has learned to associate music=enemy, and is alerting Shy to the danger)
    But loves his Lusus dearly

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Name:: Shylle Anatid

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